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Tusk Talk Podcast #4: Arkansas vs Toledo Preview

We're back!

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

We're back with the latest episode of Tusk Talk. In this episode we spend most of the time discussing this weekend's game against Toledo. Will it be as easy of a win for Arkansas as UTEP? I say the Hogs win easily but not as comfortably as last weekend and give my reason why. We also break down some of the key matchups (hint: they pretty much all favor the Hogs).

We also talk a bit about playing games in Little Rock and what to expect from the crowd this weekend.

Oh, and we also touch on that dumb mini-controversy about Bielema pointing out the discrepancy between Ohio State's schedule and Arkansas'.

Also, I've seen a few people have trouble finding the podcast anywhere but here. If you search on iTunes or on Android, don't search for my name or for "Tusk Talk". You have to search for the Razorback Sports Radio app and listen to it there. We are working on setting up the show to upload to iTunes individually so you can hear it that way, and hope that gets going soon, but until then, listen to it here or download the Razorback Sports Radio app.