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Tusk Talk Podcast #9: Arkansas vs Texas A&M Review - What Went Wrong?

Why are the dark days here again?

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

In this episode, Chad and I continue to talk about the latest disappointment for the Razorbacks, and why it's all happening. Why are these such dark days? We does it feel like we're back to the same point we struggled through a year ago when trying to break through? And how do we break through again?

We also dive into the Texas A&M game and talk about what went wrong as well as what went right. Was the improved play a sign that the team won't struggle their way through the rest of the season, or was it the best they could do? What was the deal with all the penalties? What about the defense? The quarterback? The receivers? We get into all of it.

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As always, you can obviously listen to the show here, but you can also get the show in traditional podcast format by downloading the Razorback Sports Radio App from iTunes or Android.