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Arkansas Recruiting: Commit Highlights - Week 4

Get acquainted with the Razorbacks' new commit and others in this week's recap.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

ATH Kiel Pollard

Pollard, a 3-star athlete from Georgia, committed to the Hogs this past weekend. In the video here he is lining up as a wide receiver and a quarterback, but Pollard could be making a move to the other side of the ball once he gets to Fayetteville. The first play he makes some good moves in the open field after the catch. He makes a lot of nice catches in the middle of the field and shows good athleticism, and looks like he could bring some good hands to the Razorback defense.

DT Briston Guidry

My favorite play of the videos this week comes courtesy of Guidry, who at 7 seconds into his video he completely blows up a running play in spectacular fashion. The fullback tries his best, he really does. He comes forward to keep the hole open and Guidry launches this poor soul straight backwards into the running back sending them both to the ground. None of the other plays are quite as spectacular but he stops the run in the backfield multiple times.

DB Deon Edwards

Secondary play was an issue against Texas A&M so Edwards coming in and making an impact would be welcomed. The first play of the video he reads the quarterback's eyes well and cuts in front of the receiver for the interception. The reading of the quarterback could be enough to make Razorback fans love him. The next play he does an excellent job disrupting the run game in the backfield.

DT Austin Capps

There is no spot shadow before the play, but Capps is number 78 blowing up the quarterback on the first play. The rest of the game is him on the offensive line. Capps is listed as a DT commit so he might not be doing that for the Razorbacks, but watching his physicality is certainly impressive. He finishes his blocks through the entirety of the play, often times sending the lineman 5-plus yards straight backwards.

WR Kofi Boateng

Most of the plays on Boateng's video are replayed, which is nice because the first catch he makes on the video is worth watching multiple times. On a deep sideline route he makes an acrobatic catch and gets a foot down before falling out of bounds. The other plays aren't as spectacular but he does well on a screen pass, which again bodes well for Dan Enos' offensive strategy.