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Reasons to Hate: Texas A&M

Shouldn't be hard to hate now that we're in SEC play.

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

They play with a different style, their fans are the weirdest, but none of that even matters, because they are the next team on the Hog's schedule and that means it's time to target anything in maroon, white, and khaki from Aggieland.  We won the first 3, they've won the last 3, and this year breaks the tie.  It's time to get up your hate for Texas A&M.


1. They're in Texas (how many times do we have to write that this year?)

2. Sabre Dance. Someone posted this in the comments last year.  It's pretty phenomenal.  That's an Aggie Corps Man pulling his sabre on an SMU cheerleader and then being thrown to the ground, and then I think a guy in a banana costume comes over to break up the fight.

3. Kevin Sumlin begat Kliffy Kliff. Kingsbury got no grief from the national media for boasting TTU kicked our ass last week.  Bielema responded in a way that most Arkansas fans thought was pretty appropriate.  Sumlin even weighed in on the situation this week saying he will make sure and be the referee at the Texas State High School whatever it's called next year.

4. Speaking of Male Cheerleaders. Listen, we get it.  Everyone has made every joke possible about male cheerleaders at A&M. All we want to do during A&M week is make the usual jokes, but that's the problem, they're all usual. We need more Uncommon Aggie jokes. If nothing else, just look at that picture at the top of the page and tell me you don't hate those guys.

5. Remember When. Remember when you didn't care about the Aggies?  It was nice to see them put a curb stomping on Baylor, and get a win over Texas while you were enjoying Thanksgiving with the family?  My how the times have changed.  I almost feel bad for wishing luck to those mouth breathers over in College Station every year.  I used to say I wanted LSU to be as good as possible, because it was always fun when we could beat a team like that at the end of the year.  As we all know A&M messed that up, but in more ways than one.  When you added a 3rd team to the West that I had connections to (Undergrad from Arkansas - will never not root for the Hogs, Graduate School at LSU - I wanted to beat the best every year, Brother went to A&M - Easy to root for when they were in the Big 12) it became so unclear that now I can't do anything but hope everyone else somehow ends up being worse than we are.