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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: More on Bielema's Talking, D-Line Issues and More

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Plenty of people across the country are talking about whats happening with Arkansas Football, both on and off the field.

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It's never a good thing when your football program is being talked about for whats happening off the field as much as whats happening on it. For the past two weeks the national media is more interested in what Bret Bielema is going to say instead of wondering how yet another injury to a wide receiver will affect the Razorback offense. This feature from Sports Illustrated focuses on Bielema's comments all the way back to him saying beating Texas was "borderline erotic," and these comments give the Lone Star State an unprecedented common enemy.

Not all of the opinions surrounding Bielema have been negative though. After some searching you can still find those who appreciate the honesty Bielema brings to the podium. USA Today gives a reminder that this unfiltered approach was present at Wisconsin and has always been a part of Bielema's career. That approach is what makes him such a unique coach and part of the colorful college football landscape.

Perhaps it's best that focus hasn't been on the field the last two weeks because it has not been pretty for the Razorbacks. One of the biggest disappointments through three games has been the defensive line. The Arkansas defense has registered just one sack this season, against as many pass plays they have faced this season, that's not good. It was particularly ugly against Texas Tech when Patrick Mahomes was able to break containment multiple times and pick up first downs and a couple touchdowns. Against Texas A&M, who will feature two quarterbacks, the goal for them is simple, put more pressure on the passing game.

Finding positives from last week's game against Texas Tech might be hard but here goes nothing. This piece is focused on the preparation Arkansas has had for Texas A&M, primarily how the game against Tech gave them another week to prepare for the "Air Raid" offense both teams are famous for. The hardest thing to prepare for is the tempo but now Arkansas has had a game against that pace already. So if you want to point to something good from last week there it is

Also, are you making the trip to Arlington? If so, our good friends at Good Bull Hunting have put together a handy-dandy visitor's guide to the metroplex, which you should read even if you're not going to the game and enjoy jokes about DFW. Also, here's this week's GBH Tailgate, if you're able to laugh after the last two weeks.