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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter - September 10th: Road Trips With Bielema and the Return of the Great Stadium Debate


Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Recruiting never stops. Bret Bielema knows this as much as anybody with him being constantly on the road during the offseason. Recruiting has also become an arms race that rivals the Cold War at times. Teams will uncover any stone to gain an advantage and Arkansas is no different. Bielema has been taking a virtual reality system on his trips to show recruits. This Wall Street Journal says that the Hogs are one of seven collegiate teams to use the system. It takes a look into Bielema's recruiting visits from all of his technology to woo recruits down to what he packs in his bags and is well worth the read once you get past the author calling him "Mr. Bielema" multiple times.

It's only Week Two and it sounds like there is already some pro-SEC campaigning going on from Bielema. He also knows a thing or two about the Big 10 and their schedules, and isn't afraid to talk about it. During a weekly teleconference he pointed out a slight difference in Ohio State's schedule and his own. It's been widely publicized that Ohio State only has one ranked team on their schedule, but the SEC just hit a record 10 teams ranked in the AP Poll. Lost in the celebration of that is the fact that all eight of Arkansas' conference opponents are among those teams.

Heading into the UTEP game, one of the biggest questions for Arkansas was how the new passing game under Dan Enos would look. Brandon Allen ended up having one of the most efficient games of his life against the Miners. Four touchdowns to three different receivers is one of the pleasant surprises from the game, and it emphasized the one word that this article from the Charlotte Observer says the Hogs have been preaching. Balance. Bielema has been preaching that from day one in Fayetteville and now with the new offense he can finally achieve that.

This week is the only Little Rock game of the season, which means now is the only chance this season to fire up the Great Stadium Debate. Whatever side you fall on, it looks like the contract that ends in 2018 might be the last. This view from both a student and a Little Rock native gives both a quick history of the War Memorial games and why its okay for the pro Little Rock crowd to just let go.