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Tusk Talk Podcast #8: Discussing Brandon Allen, Arkansas' Problems, and Texas A&M

We recorded this one on Thursday night with the subtle tones of Bikes, Blues, and BBQ outside my window.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

One of the things we wanted to talk about this week before we got into A&M was Brandon Allen. He's taken a ton of heat over the last couple of weeks with plenty of people calling for the coaches to start one of the other quarterbacks in his place. Chad and I give our takes on whether or not that's a good idea, and go through plenty of the other issues facing the Razorbacks.

Then, of course, we get into the A&M game and breakdown a few of the key matchups. Does Arkansas have a chance? Is there a reason the spread is as low as it is? Afterward, we also make picks for the rest of the SEC's games.

As always, you can obviously listen to the show here or download the Razorback Sports Radio App from Vsporto on both iTunes and Android. Thanks for listening!