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Summer Hot Takes: Arkansas Razorbacks Over/Under 8.5 Wins?

Introducing our Summer Hot Takes series, where we all try to kill the lengthy waste of the offseason together! We gather the Arkansas Fight contributors to answer the pressing questions heading into the season.

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5Dimes has set Arkansas' regular season over/under at 8.5 wins. I know we're all a little biased, but are you taking the over or the under and why?

Scottie: That's so Vegas. I have Arkansas going 8-4 (4-4 SEC). I'm a firm believer this team will be better than last year in certain aspects, but I'm not on the "dark horse for the College Football Playoff" bandwagon. Arkansas, last I checked, still played in the toughest division in the toughest conference in football, meaning trips to LSU, Alabama and Ole Miss come in odd years. I've got Arkansas at 8 wins right now with a possibility for 9. If I was in Vegas right now, I'd take the under, because, ya know, Vegas knows.

Josh: I'm taking the over and feel like they have a legit shot at 9 wins. The difference between getting to that number last year was down to a couple plays.

Mitchell: I'm taking the under on this one. Not because I don't think Arkansas is good, but this season's schedule could be pretty brutal (as they all seem to be these days). I think we win our first 3 right out of the gate and have the potential to beat A&M. Tenn, Bama, Auburn and Ole Miss look to be really tough games. Winnable, but I can't say for sure. I think we will win our first 4, the last 3 and the one in the middle against Tennessee Martin. those four games making up the cream in the SEC schedule Twinkie are toss-ups.

Robert: It feels like you can give us the 4 non-conf games easily, and maybe even pencil in wins over the East opponents (I think playing at home will give us the edge over Mizzou), but then you take a look at the west, and I'm not sure I can take last year's games as a reference for this year.  I want to be optimistic and put us back in our rightful place over TAMU, Ole Miss, and Miss St., which would give us 9 wins and the over.  If you're forcing me to make a bet, I go over, especially because I would hate to be rooting for a loss just to win a bet.

Jamie: The 4 out of conference games should definitely be wins.  The real question here is, can Arkansas get to 5 SEC wins this year?  I like our chances against A&M, Tennessee, Ole Miss and Missouri.  Where is that 5th game to put us at 9 without a slip up in the other 4? Maybe Mississippi State, but I think I’d put our chances at a bowl game but the under on 8.5 this season.  I think we probably lose one of the “like our chances” games, but pick up a win in one of the games "we probably shouldn’t win” games (Bama, Auburn or LSU) and land at 8.

Mark: I think 8-ish is realistic given our schedule. I'm optimistic for more, and because I am indeed a Kool-Aid swillin' homer, I'll take the over. Let's imagine breaks going our way this year....

Chase (Chase Foster is new to our team and you'll be hearing more from him soon! - Doc): Under! 8-4 is my prediction. That won't take away from how good I think Arkansas can be, but we lost a lot on defense and continue to play one of the toughest schedules in the nation.

Ryan: With it being just the regular season, I'm taking the under. After looking at the schedule I have the Hogs 8-4 (4-4) and then they'll have a shot at the bowl game. 8.5 is the perfect Vegas number.

Adam: I've gotta take the under. I mean, even with the possible "re-building" of some of the SEC big boys, that's a tough win/loss record to tackle. With our defense lacking in depth, I have a feeling a lot of the games could become shootouts. I'm not sure how trusting I am in our chances in that situation.

Graham: I too will take the under because it's based on the regular season only. As has been well discussed and proven on the field through the years, these odd number years can be brutal. The UT game will be huge (Gameday-worthy), and if Arkansas can come away with a win and not have all of its momentum crushed in Tuscaloosa a nine-win season becomes more attainable

Devan: It's just right. Arkansas could go 7-5, but they could go 10-2 if some things fall their way. I'm taking the over though. With all of the question marks on defense, I think the offense is downright unstoppable. Teams had trouble stopping it last season, and with everyone basically coming back I don't think there is a team that can stop this old fashioned smash mouth offense. Even if the defense isn't top 10 quality like it was last season, the offense should be able to control the game and the clock when it matters.

Doc: More of you guys are saying under than I was expecting, so I'll take the over. That means Arkansas has to win one of the true road games, plus Texas A&M in Arlington, plus sweep at home, but the Auburn game is the only home game that really concerns me. But it also wouldn't shock me if they win 2 of those road games. I think they'll beat Tennessee. I don't buy the common line of thought that the Hogs and Vols are even right now. I think Arkansas is farther along, and it's not crazy to think Arkansas beat another of those teams on the road.