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Summer Hot Takes: Would Satellite Camps Be Good For Arkansas?

Would it be good for the Razorbacks to take their show on the road and compete with schools from other conferences, or to get rid of them altogether?

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Would it be more beneficial for Arkansas to eliminate satellite camps or to be able to hold their own camps across the country?

Ryan: Hold their own across the country, without a doubt. The people against these satellite camps are the traditional powers that be in college football because it's the other guys going into their fertile recruiting grounds to steal guys. I don't think a satellite camp will sway any kids in Arkansas that weren't already going to be swayed away aka Altee Tenpenny and KJ Hill.

Graham: For a smaller brand -- through the eyes of the SEC -- like Arkansas, satellite camps can only help build relationships with recruits who have not been exposed much to Arkansas. BERT has been adamant that all he has to do is get recruits and their parents to campus. The Catfish Hole does the rest.

Mitchell: Personally, I don't think it matters either way. As long as high school players are getting exposed to our coaches and staff and have a chance to drink the Arkansas Kool-Aid I'm happy. The point is, teams should be allowed to handle camps however they want. As long as it's fair.

Robert: Satellite Camps wouldn't be the worst thing. I think our staff is equally impressive as Fayetteville in terms of getting recruits to like Arkansas, but the perception of attending a Bielema Camp outside of Fayetteville would probably speak more strongly to recruits that have a presupposed impression about Northwest Arkansas.  You get them to a camp first, they like the staff enough to decide to take a trip to Fayetteville despite what they may think they know about Fayetteville.

Jamie: Camps. In. Texas. You think Jerry wouldn’t host at Cowboy Stadium? This is a no brainer for Hog fans.

Mark: I say no satellite camps period but also think the SEC should make sure the playing field is even.

Josh: Most people recognize that Arkansas is in a situation where they recruit a lot of players from Texas, Florida and Louisiana. Being able to set up a camp there or even in Bielemas old recruiting grounds would be a benefit.

Devan: I think if Arkansas could host satellite camps in the Miami and Dallas area it could do wonders for recruiting. Some of those kids just can't afford to pay to come on unofficials and by the time official visits start, a lot of them have already committed to other teams. Arkansas and Bielema should be all in on allowing satellite camps.

Scottie: I'm not going to pretend like I know a whole lot about these "satellite" camps. For Chrissake there ain't even any satellites, which just means the whole thing is dumb. Thanks, James Franklin. But from what I've read, it'd be beneficial for Arkansas to be able to hold their own camps and connect with recruits.

Adam: Satellite camps? Sounds like some secret government NSA spy stuff. Thanks Obama. Oh, this is about football. Sure, keep'em. Just to piss off those who oppose them.

Doc: I think Bielema's doing a good job of toeing the company line with the rest of the SEC in trying to get them eliminated. I can't imagine he wouldn't really love to have camps in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida.