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Arkansas Takes Over SEC Network June 30th: Our Schedule

The Razorbacks take over programming for the SEC Network on June 30th. This is our formal recommendation at a content schedule for the day. Sounds like a pretty solid day of TV to us.

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

Midnight: Arkansas vs Missouri 1993

Open the day with the greatest opener* ever - Arkansas' 1993-94 evisceration of Missouri's best team ever, which is also the formal opening of Bud Walton Arena.

Which Was Better: 2000 Cotton Bowl or 2014 Texas Bowl?

Watch highlights and compare. Which was the more epic Texas beatdown?

Hogville Presents First Take

Where notable Hogville residents debate new and exciting topics, such as: Should Arkansas play games in Little Rock? Should Arkansas play Arkansas State? Should true freshman Ty Storey start over 5th-year senior Brandon Allen? Why do all of the in-state recruits who leave the state suck so bad?

Jeff Long Visits Google

In an attempt to rid the Internet of all evidence that John L. Smith coached at Arkansas. But don't worry, I may or may not have printed off hard copies of my favorite Jeff Long pic of all time:

Ryan Mallett Throws Footballs Over Things

Where people challenge The Family Arm to throw footballs over various tall and/or long things, to which One-Five promptly accepts and defeats all challenges, to the wonderment of all.

Arkansas vs LSU 1992

BERTLYFE: Just a day in the life of our pal BERT

BERT goes fishing

BERT gets a new car

BERT struggles to recruit with a novelty rotary phone

BERT cooks pork-themed dishes

BERT cures cancer

BERT ends the day at a show

Arkansas vs Auburn 1999:

SEC Cribs: Mike Anderson

Really, I just want a chance to see what all is in his suit closet. It must be incredible.

Prime Time: The Darren McFadden Highlight Hour

Here's a sample

30 for 30 Premiere: Realignment Pioneers: Arkansas' Break From The SWC Into The SEC

There's already a movie about Mustain/Springdale/Nutt/Gus, and one about Nolan Richardson, so I figure this is the next best one. Or perhaps one for April 2012, but that feels too soon still.

Late Night: The Daly Show

Where the cameras just follow John Daly around for a night. Just show up. No one has to plan ahead.