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Hog Trough Fancast #150 - The Regionalullz, Coach!

Well, the possibility of using #OmaHogs that actually means something could become a reality. We discuss the Razorback baseball team sweeping the regionals, some football news, and other shenanigans. This is the Hog Trough Fancast!

Here are some of the things we discuss on this week's podcast:

  • 14 inches
  • Arkansas Razorbacks sweep the Stillwater Regional, defeating Oral Roberts, Oklahoma State, and St. John's
  • Andrew Benintendi named National Player of the Year #baller
  • Razorback football news: Randy Ramsey is gone and Black (and gold) Friday?
  • SEC Network Takeover
  • What's Got to Go!
  • Tweets of the Week
  • If the audio player does not work, click here to listen!

    Recorded Monday night June 1, 2015

    This is the Hog Trough Fancast.

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