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Arkansas Recruiting Update: Hayden Johnson Commits To The Razorbacks

Fullback 6'3" 255 lbs. Columbia, Missouri (that's right, Mizzou!)

I can't imagine many things making for a fun night for Bret Bielema than a fullback commitment. That has to be the equivalent of getting like, three tight ends in one day. Fullback commitments are peak BERT. That linemen/tight end/fullbacks-only offensive set is coming and it will be glorious. Far be it from me to copycat the mothership, but we might have a shutdown fullback here.

Arkansas went north of the wall to snatch up Hayden Johnson from Columbia, Missouri. He's a 2-star athlete on Rivals and a 3-star on 247, as fullbacks will ever rarely be rated highly. It's a similar thing as how they rate kickers. He also plays defensive end and tight end, and is labeled as such on the recruiting sites, but all the Arkansas recruiting reporters say he will be a fullback for the Hogs. Purdue is the only other Power 5 school to offer him as of now, but he does hold offers from over 15 other schools, including Air Force, Army, and Navy.

Bret Bielema frequently lamented Arkansas' lack of a traditional fullback last season after enjoying having Keiro Small on the roster in 2013.  We all know fullbacks can have a big role in a Bielema system and can end up being many fans' favorite player. I mean, look at that highlight video. He can do everything.

Johnson is the 9th commitment for Arkansas' class of 2016.