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SEC POWER Rankings: Just As Planned

Everything unfolded about how we thought it would.

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images
Richt loses a game in which he is the favorite. Alabama stops the run. Missouri can't score. South Carolina continues its downfall. Just another typical weekend in the SEC.

1) Alabama (5-1)

It's far from it, but even if Alabama's dominance was coming to an end it would be because the offense could score literally no points. The defense is in a good place, especially against teams that run their offense form a power set.

2) LSU (5-0)

With opposing defenses now keying in on Leonard Fournette, the pressure is beginning to mount on Brandon Harris' passing. Harris tossed for a personal-best 228 yards on Saturday. Of course "keying in on" and actually stopping Fournette are two completely different things. Fournette was "slowed" down to only 158 yards in  a solid three quarters of work.

3) Texas A&M (5-0)

After a bye week, the Aggies host the biggest game of Week 7 as the BAMers come to town.

4) Florida (6-0)

The Gators added to their healthy lead in the SEC East and Jim McElwain strengthens case for National Coach of the Year this week in Missouri. He will sit in the driver's seat for the latter if he can lead Florida to a win in Baton Rouge next week.

5) Ole Miss (5-1)

Back on track after last week's loss to Florida, the Black Bears took care of business against New Mexico State with no hiccups. Here Laquon Treadwell features his massive hands in his best Odell Beckham Jr. impression:

6) Mississippi State (4-2)

Despite being down a starting quarterback most of the game, the Bulldogs handled Troy with ease. Dak Prescott will be flooded with liquids this week in preparation for MSU's last cupcake of the season, Louisiana Tech. That's only if you don't include Missouri a few weeks later, though

7) Georgia (4-2)

The Bulldogs lost their top playmaker, Nick Chubb, on the first play of the game and control of their SEC Championship Game berth, losing their second conference game. The good news is Chubb's ACL was not torn (though faces the possibility of surgery), and Missouri comes to town this weekend.

8) Kentucky (4-1)

It was an open weekend in Lexington, which gave everyone a little more Keeneland time. Kentucky will face Auburn on Thursday night. In the meantime, they hold sole possession of second place the East.

9) Arkansas (2-4)

With 1.8 yards per carry, it's hard to establish anything offensively in a run-based offense. That said, the final score does not do justice to how close this game was for the first three quarters. It's a shame that Bielema didn't come to the podium and give his own rendition of Dennis Green's famed postgame presser.

10) Tennessee (3-3)

The Vols overcame a 21-point deficit and finally won a close game after three heart-breaking losses. Josh Dobbs was spectacular, combining for 430 total yards and five touchdowns. Everyone outside of the Peach State is relieved for Tennessee fans, especially this gentleman, who we're not sure he was at a revival or in Neyland Stadium. Regardless, it was clearly a religious experience for him.

11) Missouri (4-2)

It's really a shame that this talented defense is being wasted with such a horrendous offense. Drew Lock did not have the same magic that he had in his first start. Some of that is a product of playing what could be the conference's best defense. Some of it is that he isn't that good.

12) Vanderbilt (2-3)

The 'Dores travel to South Carolina this weekend to determine the worst team in the conference.

13) Auburn

The bye week couldn't come soon enough after a win over San Jose State. Now comes a road game at Kentucky, which will be a much more difficult test than we thought two months ago.

14) South Carolina (2-4)

When it rains it pours... Someone get this man a wireless set, making visor tosses much easier