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Tusk Talk Podcast: Bielema's FlopGhazi and Alabama Review

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Chad and I recorded this episode Monday night, so we kicked things off by discussing the most serious Razorback matter of the last two or three decades: Bielema's alleged flop and celebration dance video.

By the time we recorded, the second video had been released that shows Cam Robinson did swat away Bielema's arm, showing it pretty clearly wasn't a flop, but there are other issues about the video we talk about. There's the dance, of course, which will hopefully live on forever. Also, who on the Arkansas sideline was taking that video? How did it get to that Alabama high school coach? Why was Bielema pushing Robinson away instead of his own player? And finally, will anything come of this?

And, of course, once we get through the video we go head first into the Alabama game. We focus mostly on the positives. We don't spend a lot of time complaining about the fake punt, but it does get mentioned.

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As always, you can obviously listen to the show right here or you can download the Razorback Sports Radio app from Vsporto on iTunes or Android. Thanks for listening!