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Reasons to Hate: Alabama

Don't let the one loss fool you, there is still plenty to hate in Tuscaloosa

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Arkansas wins the first SEC road game of the Bielema Era, but it's against a floundering Tennessee team.  Can that momentum be carried against a team the Razorbacks haven't beaten since 2006 and haven't been in Tuscaloosa since 2003?  Only if you dig down deep in your heart of Razorback hearts and really hate with all you can.

Reasons to Hate

1) They tried to kill Brandon Allen. Many kids dream of their first chance to start for an SEC team, but Alabama quickly turned that dream into a nightmare for Brandon Allen. An Arkansas team that had struggled to protect Tyler Wilson against worse competition gave Alabama the chance to send Brandon running for his life. If you've ever thought that Allen threw it away too quickly or didn't make the right throw under pressure, just remember to hate Alabama, because they started it all for the young man. Wouldn't it be nice if he got his revenge this season?

2) "Buried us". Saban has been the most successful college football coach since he took over at Alabama.  His program is regularly expected to be in the running to win the SEC Championship and be in the national championship.  Their game against Georgia last week was the first time in many years that this juggernaut of a college football program wasn't favored to win a game. So of course, Nick Saban is able to play the underdog card, like people are out to get his program with quotes like

"It's not going to be for you! The fans, yes. Because if it was up to you, we're 6 feet under already. We're dead and buried and gone! Gone!"

I'm glad the guy is passionate and all, but it's not like anyone thinks Alabama is gone because of one loss to Ole Miss.  Get over yourself dude.  It's funny how quickly you buried your NFL career.

3) Did I really make it this far? It's Bama.  Of course we hate them.  Roll Tide, but you've got an elephant.  Forrest Gump is the greatest Alabama running back of all time.  Houndstooth looks like CRAAAAPPP!

4) They think they know us. Bama has been talking about how similar we are to the Georgia team that they just beat 38-10.  They know the size of our offensive line, and they see how willing we are to run the ball. The Bama front 7 runs two deep and rotates 9 different guys on the defensive line.  They seem to be excited about going against the Arkansas offensive line.  They seem excited about dealing with Ragnow, Skipper, Tretola, Kirkland, and Smothers. That just seems strange. Maybe they won't be so excited after a manhandling on Saturday.

5) Lane Kiffin. Lane was fired last month as rumors swirled around the Alabama football program.... Oh wait, he's still coaching there? Weird. Carry on.

6) Last year*. Listen, we all remember the missed extra point, the touchback based on one of the dumbest rules in college football, and the fact that we stood toe to toe with those guys and couldn't win a close one. That was at home. That was after a bye week. That was after Alabama lost to Ole Miss and came out flat again. That 14-13 game didn't stop Alabama from getting to the SEC Title game, winning, and making it to the playoffs. An Arkansas win would've stopped that.

*[editor's note: and every year since 2007]

We've talked all over this article how Bama is a juggernaut of a program, and that Saban says they aren't dead yet, but the Hogs can have a say in all that on Saturday.  Get your hate up and direct it to Tuscaloosa and let's see if we can finally live up to the preseason hype.

Woo Pig.