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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: Hunter Henry, Explosive Plays and Stepping Into the Time Machine

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Like it or not, Nick Saban is one of the most listened to coaches in college football and his opinion carries some major weight. This week he has some very high praise for Hunter Henry, calling him, "the best tight end in the country." Even though coach speak is very common in these midweek press conferences, Saban makes it clear that his versatility makes him a weapon that requires a lot of attention. Saban also has some memories about his time with Dan Enos. Their paths crossed at Michigan State with Enos being a freshman quarterback and Saban the defensive coordinator for the Spartans. Both coaches took a step into the time machine and have some interesting (and slightly different) accounts of their time together.

Last week was a huge win for the Hogs historically, it was their first win in Knoxville since 1992. Tuscaloosa is the next trip and also is a thorn in the side of the Razorbacks. The Hogs have only won in Tuscaloosa three times and haven't done so since 2003. Bret Bielema's first visit was a particularly painful one, a 52-0 loss which was the worst in series history. Bielema gives a multitude of reasons as to why its so hard to win there. However, a win this week could turn fortunes around, much like it did in Tennessee.

The Razorback offense will need to be near perfect if Arkansas will pull out that win. SB Nation has a good breakdown on how the offense has performed this season. Right now efficiency is firing on all cylinders, which makes sense when considering how well the team has done on time of possession so far. The biggest difference from this year to last year is the lack of explosive plays. The team has dropped over 100 spots in rushing explosiveness from last season to this season. This might be the best indicator of how injuries have affected the offense. With Jonathan Williams and Keon Hatcher out, the threat of the big play is largely non existent.

There will be some unknowns the Razorback defense will have to face this week. They know what they are getting into against Bama's star running back Derrick Henry. The defense did an excellent job holding him to just 25 yards on seven carries. What they haven't faced before is quarterback Jake Coker. Among other topics, the defense talks about the importance of putting pressure on the senior. Which is something that has been lacking from the defense all season.