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Bobby Portis and Michael Qualls at the NBA Draft Combine

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What are they saying about the two Razorback stars?

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Andy Lyons/Getty Images

It doesn't get nearly the level of attention of the NFL Draft combine, but the NBA held their combine in Chicago this week, and it should be of some interest to Razorback fans since both Bobby Portis and Michael Qualls were invited to participate, setting up what seems likely to be the first NBA Draft with multiple Razorbacks selected since 1992 the summer the original Dream Team took over the world.

Bobby Portis

From what I could gather on Twitter, Portis either had met with, will meet with, and/or will workout with the following teams Portis: Celtics, Bucks, Heat, Pistons, Portland, and Orlando. That's likely not an exhaustive list as some of the team interactions are more private. I wouldn't be surprised if Portis met with every team, at least the ones drafting between 10-25 (but possibly any team because trades will happen) unless a team is determined not to draft a power forward in the first round.

USA Today named him one of the top 5 power forwards in the draft.

Anyway, here's much of what was said about Portis including video of an interview he gave several beat reporters. Portis seemed to come off very well with the media. Summary: don't slap Portis' mom, he models his game after Kevin Garnett, and more tidbits.

Michael Qualls

Qualls suffered a hip injury early in the week that kept him out of the 5-on-5 games he was supposed to participate in, but he was still able to perform in the athleticism drills, in which he shined as you might expect.

Qualls' 4% body fat was the least among all combine participants. Fun note from doing this research: the legendary Oliver Miller held the record for highest body fat percentage at the combine (22%) from his entry in 1992 until 2003 when Western Kentucky's Chris Marcus clocked in at 23.1%. Miller is now 4th on the list behind Marcus, Miami's Reggie Johnson, and Mississippi State's infamous Renardo Sidney (they both hit 22.4%). Those are the kinds of records you don't get from the Arkansas media guide. Have to come here for that premium info.

Michael Qualls: The Arkansas swingman stand 6'4 with a 7'0.25 wingspan and 4% bodyfat. He's tremendously long and the leanest player in attendance here. Combine that with his impressive athleticism and you're looking at quite a physical specimen.


Please don't let the 76ers draft Qualls. Please.