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SEC Basketball Power Rankings: Regular Season Finale

It's time to call into work sick because you've got that #SECBasketballFever in Nashville.

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

1. Kentucky Wildcats. 31-0 (18-0), RPI 1, LW: 1

All jokes aside about how they had to go over the salary cap to do it, congrats on the perfect season. Besides the Arkansas game, it was kind of cool to see history be made during my generation.

2. Arkansas Razorbacks, 24-7 (13-5), RPI 22, LW: 2

That Hornsby dagger went straight through my heart, because in my opening column of the season, I had the Hogs going 14-4 in league play. Nonetheless, one heck of a regular season that was filled with a bunch of "that's the first time since 199_."

3. Georgia Bulldogs, 20-10 (11-7), RPI 39, LW: 3

They are a "lock" for the NCAA Tournament, according to Joe Lundardi. They finally put together a full season to make the tournament. Mark Fox is a heck of a coach if he can win like this at a gymnastics school.

4. LSU Tigers, 22-9 (11-7), RPI 48, LW: 6

My top six hadn't been reshuffled in a couple of weeks. Thanks to some kid whose dad was some type of singer I've never heard of and way before my time, their win over Arkansas helps them jump two spots.

5. Ole Miss Rebels, 20-11 (11-7), RPI 49, LW: 4

Their regular season finale loss to Vandy really hurt them. They went from a team that was essentially a lock, to a team some people have as their "last four in."

6. Texas A&M Aggies, 20-10 (11-7), RPI 56, LW: 5

FINALLY, people are starting to recognized what I've been saying about the Aggies all season. They crumble when they actually play a good team. They went 0-4 against Kentucky, Georgia, Ole Miss and Arkansas. They also got swept by Alabama. Most bracketologist have them on the outside looking in at the tournament right now.

7. Vanderbilt Commodores, 18-12 (9-9), RPI 88, LW: 9

You can't spell "Vanderbilt" without "N-I-T" but they have to be given credit for getting to this point. They won their last five games including seven of their last 10 to rise from the grave for post-season contention. They still have to win the SEC Tournament to get into the NCAA Tournament, but they salvaged a dumpster fire of a season nonetheless.

8. Florida Gators, 15-16 (8-10), RPI 76, LW: 7

Looking back on my original power rankings of the season, this is the one team I was wrong about. Now, it only took me about two weeks to burn down the bandwagon after I jumped off. I dropped them from 3rd to 10th pretty quick, while others kept saying, "oh they'll come around in conference play." The Gators are now hoping the power of Pel can compel them to the NIT.

9. Alabama Crimson Tide,  17-13 (8-10), RPI 78, LW: 8

Also looking to secure a bid into the NIT, it looks like the powers that be will give Anthony Grant one more year. He is 117-83 overall at Alabama and 54-47 in SEC play.

10. South Carolina Gamecocks, 14-15 (6-12), RPI 96, LW: 11

Good for them, finishing off their regular season with a win against Tennessee.

11. Tennessee Volunteers, 15-15 (7-11), RPI 106, LW: 10

Are they a dumpster fire? Yes, they've lost nine of their last 12. However, for whatever reason, they've been a tough matchup for Arkansas this year. The teams are even on aggregate point spread, each team winning by five at home. Their matchup zone has given the Hogs fits and, even though Vandy is hot, I rather the Hogs play them instead of Tennessee.

12. Auburn Tigers, 11-19 (4-14), RPI 165, LW: 12

It shows us how bad the program was trending under Tony Barbee. I expect them to be a middle of the pack team in the SEC next season, but they are a ways away from being a contender.

13. Mississippi State Bulldogs, 12-18 (6-12), RPI 205, LW: 13

They really pulled it together after one of the worst non-conference slates in recent SEC memory. I didn't think they would win more than two SEC games and they finished with six. They still lost at home to Arkansas State though, smh.

14. Missouri Tigers, 8-22 (3-15), RPI 211, LW: 14

The only joke left to make about their season are the record I've stated above.