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Mike Anderson Expects No Transfers From Arkansas Basketball Team

Well, someone's right and someone's wrong.

Gunnar Rathbun-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Anderson gave his postseason press conference Monday afternoon and addressed the recent report that freshman guard Jimmy Whitt was likely to transfer.

Interestingly, although this is not a surprise, Anderson also indicated that they continue recruiting for next year's team. The reason that's interesting is because, if the roster stays as is, their five current commits would fill out the roster with 13 scholarships. There are only a few ways they could bring on any more scholarship players for next season: a player (such as Whitt) would have to transfer or leave the team, Manny Watkins be moved back to walk-on status, or Moses Kingsley could turn pro.

Anderson also noted they would look into getting a redshirt for Doobie Jenkins, who played just one game early last season.

We'll see how it all plays out. Rosters in college basketball are so fluid year-in and year-out but it goes without saying it's imperative for Anderson to maximize his for next season.