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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter - Baseball Sweep and Italy!

Everything you never thought you would know about the Parma Panthers is right here.

Razorbacks Communications

Quick shoutout to the baseball team for a nice sweep of Western Illinois over the weekend. The Diamond Hogs hit a rough patch a week ago and had a disastrous outing against Gonzaga in a midweek game, but they recovered to get a sweep, including an extra innings walkoff to begin the series. The next two games didn't have quite as much drama, which is nice since SEC season is rapidly approaching.

Former Razorbacks Alan Turner and Demetrius Wilson have signed pro contracts, but not where you're thinking. The duo have signed a few days ago with the Parma Panthers in the Italian Football League. The league allows for two American players on each team, and after a brief researching session, Parma is the only team not using one of those spots on a quarterback. So just who are Arkansas' favorite Italian football team? Learn more about the Panthers from their team site. They are four time champions of the league and lost the last two finals. Turner and Wilson look to be going to a successful team, and while it looks doubtful it translates to any NFL time, but it is good to see them getting a professional opportunity.

For the Hogs that could be playing professionally in America soon, there is a lot more to check out. SB Nation has two handy dandy resources to keep up with all of the draft news for the soon to be Pro Hogs. First is a list of all the pro days. Arkansas will be having their day on Wednesday along with Georgia and Michigan State. You can find a brief recap of the day there as well.

There is also a composite mock draft for the first round. Over 70 mock drafts have been pooled together to see what pics are the most predicted ones. The only Hog that is listed in this would be Hunter Henry. 5 percent have him going at No. 25 to the Steelers, the most chosen destination for Henry is No. 27 with the Packers and a few have him going at No. 31 to the Super Bowl Champs in Denver.

It was widely publicized that when Bret Bielema took over as head hog that one issue at Wisconsin was that he couldn't pay his assistants enough. That will not be the case at Arkansas as they have set a record this year for assistant salaries. Despite being in the bottom have of the SEC, only 18 schools pay assistant coaches more than they do in Arkansas. In case you were wondering, the number is over $3.5 million.

This isn't Arkansas related since the Hogs are not dancing this march, but it was too cool to not share. The Washington Post made campaign buttons for every team in the tournament. There are some terrifying looking birds, wildcats, and a man in a top hat.