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SEC Basketball Power Rankings: February 24

Another week of having that #SECBasketballFever.

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

1. Kentucky Wildcats, 27-0 (14-0), RPI 1, LW: 1

With Kansas losing to Kansas State last night, Big Blue Nation regains the top spot in the RPI. After their mid-week cake walk in Starkville, they have probably their two toughest conference games back to back (Arkansas, @ Georgia).

2. Arkansas Razorbacks, 22-5 (11-3), RPI 18, LW: 2

I think they only have to win one of their remaining four regular season games to be a stone cold lock for the NCAA Tournament. Most likely, they will win at least two, potentially three of their remaining games. I do not expect Arkansas to win the Kentucky game. We saw what happened at Iowa State and I expect that to be the same. Also, Arkansas' bench is too big of a drop off. Teams that have kept up with Kentucky only rotate seven or eight guys at the most.

3. Ole Miss Rebels, 19-8 (10-4), RPI 33, LW: 3

Winners of eight of their last nine game, they have finally jumped into the three spot in the power rankings. UGA, @ LSU, @Bama, and Vandy is their remaining schedule for the regular season. But most importantly, they want the 3-seed to avoid Kentucky's side of the bracket in the SEC Tournament.

4. Georgia Bulldogs, 17-9 (8-6), RPI 35, LW: 3

They were an Alabama basket away from dropping their third straight SEC game, and all of those losses being to teams in the bottom half of the league. Home losses to Auburn and South Carolina are head scratching,  but it did not kill their chances for a NCAA Tournament bid.

5. Texas A&M Aggies, 19-7 (10-4), RPI 36, LW: 5

Like I've said, "they ain't beat nobody PAWWWWL!" No wins against the RPI top 50 and Arkansas is their last chance for one, besides potentially in the SEC Tournament. If they win tonight, I will become a believer. However, I think they're a product of an easy schedule.

6. LSU Tigers, 19-8 (8-6), RPI 51, LW: 6

The Bayou Bengals are fighting for their NCAA Tournament life these last two weeks of the regular season. They look to avoid being swept by Auburn, which would be detrimental to their NCAA Tournament hopes. They have the quality wins to make the NCAA Tournament, they just cant afford anymore bad losses.

7. Florida Gators, 13-14 (6-8), RPI 71, LW: 7

Their crowning jewel of the season continues to be paying off John Hampton to rob Arkansas of a victory back on Jan. 31.

8. Alabama Crimson Tide, 15-11 (6-8), RPI 79, LW: 8

They have alternated wins and loses every game starting Jan 31. So, I'm predicting them to finish W-L-W-L. Lol, jk they ain't beating Ole Miss for that second W.

9. Tennessee Volunteers, 14-12 (6-8), RPI 84, LW: 9

They are my dark horse pick to win the SEC East in the fall.

10. Vanderbilt Commodores, 14-12 (5-9), RPI 112, LW: 10

Winners of four of their last six, they are proving to not be completely dreadful. I'm still curious of what Kevin Stallings' status will be at the end of the season.

11. South Carolina Gamecocks, 12-13 (4-10), RPI 101, LW: 11

Their inconsistency has to be frustrating for Gamecock fans. They can sweep Georgia, beat Oklahoma State and Iowa State, but also lose to Auburn, Vandy, Akron and Charlotte.

12. Auburn Tigers, 11-15 (4-10), RPI 131, LW: 12

Kentucky beat them by 45 points this past weekend!

13. Mississippi State Bulldogs, 11-15 (5-9), RPI 186, LW: 13

I bet Vegas doesn't even make a line for their game against Kentucky tomorrow night. It could be a massacre.

14. Missouri Tigers,  6-20 (1-13), RPI 196, LW: 14

Congratulations on being the first SEC team to 20 loses!