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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter - Wrapping Up Basketball Season

Plus baseball's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

Arkansas' SEC Tournament ended very abruptly with their 68-61 loss to Florida, and with that their season is most likely over as well. It was a year with a lot of growing pains at times, but the team had to overachieve to get to that point. 16-16 feels like a disappointment after last season's NCAA Tournament appearance, but Mike Anderson had significantly less talent to work with and the team showed a lot of resiliency.The player that best shows that is Moses Kingsley, who was second team All-SEC and part of the all-defensive team. Nate Allen has a nice piece about the year that Moses had. His breakthrough this season was one of the most fun things to watch this season. Mike Anderson still thinks he hasn't reached his ceiling either. Another offseason of learning the mental side of the game could do wonders for Kingsley.

Earlier this year, Arkansas effectively ended Alabama's chance at the NCAA Tournament. They had the chance to do the same to Florida but weren't able to. Right now the Gators are squarely on the bubble and its a mess. Plenty of smaller conference teams have been upset in their conference tournaments. If you aren't up to date on the madness, then look here. Florida won today but their bubble could still be burst by teams like Monmouth, Saint Mary's or Valpo.

Dave Van Horn has made a living off a strong bullpen while at Arkansas. Last night was probably the worst performance from an Arkansas bullpen during that time. Arkansas lost to Gonzaga 15-10 and used a near record 12(!!) pitchers in the game. Arkansas was up 10-6 after a Rick Nomura grand slam, but the wheels fell off when Arkansas had three wild pitches and two HBP's in five straight pitches. Van Horn called the game a "disaster," and that's basically the only way to describe it.