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SEC Basketball Power Rankings February 17

What once looked like six SEC teams could make the NCAA Tournament has now dwindled to probably four.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

1. Kentucky Wildcats, 25-0 (12-0), RPI 2, LW: 1

If John Calipari is elected into the Basketball Hall of Fame, shouldn't Barry Bonds get into the Baseball Hall of Fame? If they aren't letting Eddie Sutton in, how can they let Calipari in? I know it's just a nomination, but it's something to think about.

2. Arkansas Razorbacks, 20-5 (9-3), RPI 16, LW: 2

With the Hogs two wins last week, they jumped eight spots in the RPI. It seems like majority of the fan base finally has two feet in the bandwagon. It took 20 wins to get there, but I think we're all finally unified. Please, remember not to dwell on one poor performance and look at their body of work as a whole. Really, the Hogs only have to go 3-3 to be guaranteed a spot in the NCAA Tournament, With Missouri and Mississippi State being two of those opponents, you have to like their chances.

3. Georgia Bulldogs, 16-8 (7-5), RPI 30, LW: 3

Their resume took a huge body blow with a home loss to Auburn. They are still in the NCAA Tournament as of this writing, but they are wobbly on their feet. They really need a revenge win against South Carolina this week and then beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa on Saturday to give them some breathing room.

4. Ole Miss Rebels, 17-8 (8-4), RPI 38, LW: 4

All jokes aside, this is a NCAA Tournament team. Their remaining schedule is favorable (Home: UT, UGA, Vandy; Road: MSU, LSU, BAMA) and that win over Arkansas is carrying more weight every day. The NCAA Tournament committee will probably forgive the Charleston Southern loss because it was the first game of the season. All five of their losses to the RPI top 50 are by a combined 17 points, so they haven't been blown out by good teams.

5. Texas A&M Aggies, 17-7 (8-4), RPI 44, LW: 5

Except for a run in the SEC Tournament, I think A&M has eliminated itself from the NCAA Tournament. Their loss last week at home to Georgia was their last chance at a quality victory and here is why. If they beat LSU again, cool, but now you've eliminated LSU from the NCAA Tournament, more than likely. They've then also knocked LSU out of the RPI top 50, leaving them with no wins in that category. "But, Ryan they still get to play Arkansas at Bud Walton." Yeah, if they haven't beaten a solidified top 50 team by this point of the season, they aren't going to start doing it in Bud Walton Arena.

6. LSU Tigers, 18-7 (7-5), RPI 48, LW: 6

I still like LSU's chances of making the tournament. I have to rank A&M higher because of the head-to-head victory (that actually carries weight in these subjective rankings), but no one ever knows what LSU team will show up on any given night. Will it be the team that almost upset Kentucky, or the team that lost at home to Auburn?

7. Florida Gators, 12-13 (5-7), RPI 77, LW: 7

Finally, I don't have to hear people explain Florida as a "bubble" team anymore. Y'all know I've been down on Florida since the non-conference, but people are finally looking at their resume, not their name.

8. Alabama Crimson Tide, 14-10 (5-7), RPI 76, LW: 8

Spring practice isn't that far away, Tide fans!

9. Tennessee Volunteers, 14-10 (6-6), RPI 81, LW: 9

They are next up to get a shot at Kentucky, I almost had the upset last week when it was LSU's turn, but I think Arkansas and Georgia are the only teams left with a shot at defeating the Wildcats.

10. Vanderbilt Commodores, 13-11 (4-8), RPI 102, LW: 10

After a 1-7 start to SEC play, they've won three of their last four. Too little, too late? Yes.

11. South Carolina Gamecocks, 11-12 (3-9), RPI 105, LW: 11

Their date with Kentucky on Valentine's Day was worse than not having a date at all.

12. Auburn Tigers, 11-13 (4-8), RPI 131, LW: 12

What did I tell y'all last week? They can only do damage to the conference at this point. Then they go win at Georgia. Less teams in the NCAA Tournament means less money for the conference to split up.

13. Mississippi State Bulldogs, 11-13 (5-7), RPI 171, LW: 13

There is a legitimate chance they could finish 8-10 in conference play. They finish the regular season at USCe, at Vandy, and home against Mizzou. I don't know if it is out of pity, but I'm pulling for them in all three of those games. It might effect the perception of the conference, but the fact is that the only decent team they've beaten in the SEC is LSU.

14. Missouri Tigers, 6-18 (1-11), RPI 187, LW: 14

Congratulations on probably being the only SEC team this year with 20 losses!