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Arkansas vs Texas Tech Preview: Q&A with Viva The Matadors

Thanks to Double-T nation for giving us their insight about this weekend.

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Are TT fans disappointed in their season so far? Wins are wins, but Arkansas struggled with an FCS school last year and we all know how that turned out. We know your pain.

I think I have a different outlook than most and it is probably what keeps me writing as much as I do.  There's only so many of these games in our lifetime that I get to enjoy and experience.  The thrill of victory and agony of defeat is still a really real thing for me and even though the agony can be painful, there is nothing that I would rather do with my Saturday.  As to the games, yeah, they've been rough, not as easy as Texas Tech would have hoped or thought.  That's what turnovers will do, sometimes no matter the opponent.  That's pretty much what happened against Central Arkansas.  Against UTEP, as fans, we felt that the Miners would be an Arkansas-lite.  A team that just runs the ball.  It's left most fans in a complete rut and hopelessly depressed about the game (this is an overstatement).

Do you guys think this game will be as exciting as I do? It definitely going to be a first to 50 wins type of game

Yes, I really do.  With a team like Arkansas, I think that the game will be close because Arkansas will be able to control possessions for the most part.  So, it seems like it will be a close game, especially with a part of the offenses being so inconsistent.  And no, I don't think it is a high-scoring game.  Maybe in the 30's or so for both teams.  That seems about right.

Do you all care at all about this being an 'Ole SWC game? It seems split for us between the older crowd liking it, and the younger crowd no caring. Obviously, TV executives seem to like it to make it the 2:30 game on ABC.

I do.  As a kid, I loved watching Barry Foster and Steve Atwater at Arkansas. I don't know why I remember loving watching those guys play for Arkansas back in the day and growing up.  This is a big appeal for me and I'd love to keep this rivalry up long-term, because it could be really great for the programs, regardless of who is the head coach.

I'm sure you've seen the break up letter written to Kliff by a Hog fan. What would the letter look like if a Red Raider fan wrote a break up letter to Bert?

Oh gosh. I have no idea what my playlist to Bert would be. I'm pretty awful when it comes to picking music.  I'm guessing that the break-up would be something like.  Maybe just a lot of heartbreak music from Jason Isbel.

Dearest Bert,
Your slow-moving and methodical ways were not aggressive for my tastes.  I need a man that takes a bit more charge and am not interested in waiting around for you to develop a relationship. I'm in a hurry.  There's no time to huddle around and figure things out.

If you've seen Bielema's wife, you know the man must have some game with the ladies. Who do you think it a better flirt with mothers on the recruiting trail, Kliff or Bert?

I would go with Kliff only because he's single and I'm sure that Bert would never roll that way.  Truthfully, Kliff plays that up a bit and he is a hard-worker and he's dedicated to his craft.  My biggest fear is that in this world of being impatience, Texas Tech fans won't give him enough time to grow into being a head coach. It's not something that you just wake up and know how to do.