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Watch The 2014 Arkansas Razorbacks Pregame Intro Video

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Now with audio!

If you weren't aware, there was deserved criticism launched toward UA over the weekend because of audio problems throughout the game. This video did run but the accompanying audio with Pat Summerall and the music didn't come on. It briefly cut to Chuck and Keith in the stadium before they cut the audio and just went with the video.

But really, I think this is one of the better videos they've done in recent years. I like the mix of historical stuff with the highlights of current players. And they get an A+ for using Summerall. Don't know why they ever stopped using that.

The demon-eyed Pumbaa crashing through the opposing logo is pretty intense. That'll haunt some people.

However, it must be said, if we're going to use old footage to highlight history/tradition/etc (and we should), have to use at least one McFadden clip. Law.