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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: June 20: Top SEC Stadiums, Hjalte Froholdt Update, Budget Released, Schedule

News, notes, and interesting stuff from around the tubes of the Internet.

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Where does Razorback Stadium rank among SEC stadiums? I've been to most of the stadiums in the SEC, and I would have voted Bryant-Denny as the best stadium. Love or hate the Tide, that place is a dang cathedral. And the way they get crowd participation throughout the game during "Sweet Home Alabama" and "Dixieland Delight" is really cool. And the single loudest I've ever heard any stadium was the roar in 2007 when they scored with 8 seconds left to beat Arkansas. I nearly had to cut myself afterward, but it was still a lot of fun otherwise.

But if you expand beyond the stadium to the campus and town and everything, I'd vote for Georgia. Athens is a really cool place to go.

At the bottom, I'd probably have to say Kentucky, although to be fair, I've never been to a game at Vanderbilt or Missouri.

And I can only imagine SB Nation's Steven Godfry voted South Carolina last because of "Sandstorm".

Hjalte is Danish for "what a steal for Arkansas!" 247 made a list of the Top 15 recruiting steals in the class of 2015 so far and Arkansas' Hjalte Froholdt is on the list as an out-of-state prospect who committed somewhere unusual - thinking a highly-rated prospect in Ohio committing to Arkansas is unusual. Of course, he's actually a foreign exchange student who was just briefly in Ohio before returning to Denmark, where he is now. So whatevs. I suppose Denmark-to-the-Ozarks is also unusual.

Also, apparently in Denmark he has to pass something called an "oral math exam" which sounds absolutely terrifying.

Bobby Portis is going off to practice with and against some of that there good competition. The Razorbacks' super sophomore is headed to New Jersey as one of just ten collegiate invitees to the Nike Elite Youth Basketball (EYBL) Big Man Skills Academy from June 23rd - 25th. Anthony Davis, his unibrow, DeMarcus Cousins, and NBA coaches will all be working with the younger players.

The annual athletics budget has been released for next year. If you want to see how UA is slicing up all the athletics money down to the dollar, here you go. There isn't anything unusual in it. I was surprised to see how little the school expected to make from women's basketball ticket sales, though.

Hey, have you heard about Arkansas' football schedule? Some think it's a tad on the tough side. I know. What a wild and crazy development. I had no idea. The Razorbacks might even lose a game this year, I guess. I'll just go ahead and end this post now since all of you are certainly stunned and shocked and knocked down to the ground when you read this.