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Arkansas Razorbacks Fan Choice Awards: Tweet of the Year

Arkansas athletics has some fun follows on the Twitter machine. Vote here for the best tweet by a Razorback of the year.

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

Bobby Portis reacts to class being canceled

Bobby P and the student body shared the same reaction when classes were canceled for snow/ice in March. The weather didn't keep them from getting in the gym, though. Three days later Arkansas put on a show against Ole Miss in Bud Walton.

Alex Collins goes deer hunting

I'm not sure how I feel about one of the top running backs in the nation carrying around a deer rifle, but to each his own, I guess. Budda probably didn't need to borrow anyone's camo, he just used his camo suit he wore when he committed to Bret Bielema and the Hogs.

Trey Flowers reacts to Jameis Winston's Crab Leg-Gate

Probably one of my favorite tweets of the year. And I'm with Trey, you're Jameis Winston, dude. You don't have to steal crab legs, or cook them for that matter. There are plenty of women who would line up to buy and cook you crab legs, Jameis. Listen to my man Trey from now on.

Robert Thomas responds to UA-ASU Twitter beef

The twitter war close to the turn of the new year between a few Razorbacks and an ASU Red Wolve set Twitter on fire and almost broke it. The rate at which this argument went viral was incredible, and those in the argument, especially Robert Thomas, came armed and loaded, ultimately coming up with one of the greatest hashtags ever created – #HeadAss.

Michael Qualls after Arkansas' drumming of Ole Miss

Fresh off an absolute beatdown of Marshall Henderson and the Ole Miss Rebels, Q turned to Twitter to let the fans know what fueled the Razorbacks' big night. They did it for the seniors, of course. But Boosie... Boosie was finally free.