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Arkansas Razorbacks Football Top 3 Drives in SEC Games: #2

Down 20-10 in the 3rd quarter, the Arkansas defense comes up with a big interception by Alan Turner. The Razorbacks get the ball back on the Ole Miss 46 yard line looking to cut the lead to a one score deficit.

Wesley Hitt

#2 Best Drive of 2013

14:04 3 02:35 MISS 46 6 46 Rushing Touchdown

1st Play: 1st and 10 at Ole Miss 46: Jonathan Williams rush for 3 yards to the Ole Miss 43.

Williams lines up in the I with Small at fullback and runs the inside power. Ole Miss stuffs the pin and pull with Dan Skipper and Swanson forcing Williams to bounce to the outside for a short gain.

2nd Play: 2nd and 7 at Ole Miss 43: Marshall rush for 7 yards to the Ole Miss 46 and a 1st Down.

This play was a good example of the emergence of Korliss Marshall. Only a 7 yard gain but this power toss play adds another dimension to the rushing attack similar to what LSU has done in the past. Hunter Henry goes in motion to the play side and seals the edge while Brey Cook pulls to lead downfield on a second level player. Kody Walker is also in the game and makes a key block on the inside LB. Look for more of this power toss play in 2014.

3rd Play: 1st and 10 at Ole Miss 36: Alex Collins rush for 1 yard to the Ole Miss 35

The Hogs shift in to the WildHog formation with Collins taking the snap, and Ole Miss plays it solid and stuffs the play.

4th Play: 2nd and 9 at Ole Miss 35: Williams rush for 3 yards to the Ole Miss 32

Single-back with Williams on the outside zone play where he picks up positive yardage and a manageable 3rd Down.

5th Play: 3rd and 6 at Ole Miss 32: Brandon Allen pass complete to Javontee Herndon for 31 yards to the Ole Miss 1 and a 1st down.

On this 3rd Down play Jim Chaney motions Julian Horton into a Bunch set with Henry and Hatcher. This leaves Javontee Herndon with single coverage to the wide side of the field. Ole Miss only has a 3 man rush and is playng a soft cover 2. The corner bites on the pump fake from Allen which leaves Herndon open for the big gain and broken tackle down to the 1. With the coverage Ole Miss was in, Herndon probably should have ran a quick route, but Allen was able to adjust and make the play.

6th Play: 1st and Goal at the Ole Miss 1: Kiero Small rush for 1 yard TOUCHDOWN, Zach Hocker extra point GOOD  Arkansas 17 Ole Miss 20


Out of a 3 TE set with Williams behind Small, Chaney calls for the safe play from the 1yd line. Kiero Small is able to doze in for the TD to stop the Ole Miss momentum and bring the Hogs within a field goal.

The Ole Miss drive put together all the pieces of the three headed running backs that we will see in 2014. The strong inside running of Williams, the shifty versatility of Collins on 2nd Down and the explosive speed of Marshall on any down. Then throw in a little Heavy Hog and a Fullback run on the goal line and this becomes a prototype for what a succesful series can look like this season.

Next we will take a look at the #1 drive of 2013.