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Bret Bielema Press Conference Tweetcap - October 27th

Coach B talked with the media following the UAB game to provide updates prior to Mississippi State week.

Wesley Hitt

It will be interesting to see if the defense can return to form with Ellis. Mississippi State is a great offensive team, so it'll be a challenge. With the Bulldogs' running game, Ellis' presence could be vital.

Yeah, that was a tight game in Little Rock last year. Of course, Mississippi State wasn't able to use Dak Prescott as their quarterback, so this is a pretty different team just based on that alone.

Robinson did run for over 100 yards against Arkansas last year. The Razorback coaches should be plenty familiar with him.

No matter how this season ends, this kicking situation will be one of the great mysteries. Arkansas recruits one of the most highly-touted kickers in the country to replace Zach Hocker, but said prospect gets beat for the job in preseason camp by walkon senior, senior gets awarded scholarship, senior appears to struggle in games compared to practice, recruit remains redshirted in favor of another walkon that wasn't even on the radar in August, new walkon converts 49-yard field goal in first game attempt.

We're still rolling with describing A&M as a top 10 team? Okay. I get it, they were ranked when the two teams met and to earn this record, that's what matters. But the Aggies have fallen almost completely off the map.

Gotta hand it to Bielema. People are still talking about this today in weekend recaps all over the country. You would have thought that if anybody outside of Arkansas was still talking about anything regarding the UAB game Arkansas would have done something wrong, but this seems to have worked perfectly.

Having such a deep crop of in-state prospects this year is really the first big break Bielema's gotten since he became Arkansas' coach. Despite all the team's struggles on the field, Arkansas should end up with one of the Razorbacks' more highly rated recruiting classes since these recruting rankings became a thing, and the in-state kids are the core of it.  And getting them all? Huge.

That has to be so miserable.

Don't think I've ever seen a team with this much special teams fluctuation at this point in the season. New kickers. Possibly new punt returner. Korliss Marshall's suspension. Craziness.

Yes, the Arkansas passing game has enjoyed moments of success this season and should only get better. The Razorbacks only lose Demetrius Wilson and A.J. Derby after this season, and add JoJo Robinson, K.J. Hill, and all the other newcomers (and all the other redshirts from this season). Things are looking positive.

I'm sure there will be some clamoring for one of the backups to replace Brandon Allen next season but don't count on it. Short of injury, I can't imagine Bielema replacing a 5th year senior at quarterback with over two years of experience for a freshman with no experience. Bielema talks about the importance of experience all the time. I can't see that happening. This is mostly just reaction to a tweet I saw last week. Carry on.

Um, ok?