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Arkansas Football Countdown: 6 Days - D'Arthur Cowan & JaMichael Winston

Empty Saturdays Remaining: 0. 0! ZE-RO! It's GAME WEEK!

Wesley Hitt

6 days means two things: 1) it's finally game week, and 2) we get to use my favorite picture from the spring game one more time (above).

That's D'Arthur Cowan celebrating with Jeremy Sprinkle after Sprinkle's touchdown in April. Cowan is a sophomore wide receiver from Olive Branch, Mississippi and by all accounts was making great strides to be a major contributor this season, but unfortunately he suffered a foot injury last week and is out approximately 6-8 weeks after having a screw inserted into his foot.

He played in six games last year, catching 3 passes and returning 10 kickoffs.

On the other side of the ball, #6 is worn by redshirt freshman defensive end JaMichael Winston. Winston, from Pritchard, Alabama, is expected to be a backup end behind Chris Smith and Trey Flowers. However, Winston is a big part of the reason that defensive end is considered among the deepest positions on the team, if not the deepest.

For some reason, last year's coaches had the good sense to redshirt him and not waste a year of eligibility on that 2012 nonsense. They may have simply forgotten Winston was eligible. Either way, defensive line coach Charlie Partridge is pleased that he gets a full four years with them. From after an earlier practice this month:

"I'm sure glad to be able to say the word 'freshman' with all three of those guys," Partridge said. "Sometimes I have to remind myself of that when they make a nice play. We're very excited about where they are knowing they have four years of eligibility left."