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Arkansas Football Countdown: 7 Days - Tiquention "TQ" Coleman & Damon Mitchell

Just one week from today. This week's going to draaaaaaag.

Coleman returning an interception in the spring game.
Coleman returning an interception in the spring game.

Two new Razorbacks are filling in Knile Davis's #7 jersey this year.

The first is juco transfer Tiquention Coleman, a junior safety originally from Mauldin, South Carolina. It's ok if you have trouble pronouncing his first name. He commonly goes by the much simpler "TQ", so you're good.

After being rated the #10 juco safety in the country by 24/7, he enrolled at Arkansas in the spring and tied for the team lead in tackles that day with 9 and intercepted a pass (the photo above is from his 49-yard return after the interception.)

We should see plenty of Coleman on the field this fall. He's expected to be the team's number 3 safety behind starters Eric Bennett and Rohan Gaines.

Here's the highlight video UA put together for him on Signing Day

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Damon Mitchell is a freshman quarterback from Egg Harbor City, New Jersey. He is a highly rated dual-threat quarterback who chose Arkansas over Georgia Tech and Rutgers. Bielema has noted Mitchell an fellow freshman quarterback Austin Allen may play this season depending on how things work out through the year, but both could redshirt.

Mitchell also goes by the nickname "Du-wop" so if you hear that at any point, it's referring to him.