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Arkansas Football Countdown: 0! IT'S GAME DAY!


Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

We made it. No, really, we made it. I know there were times when we weren't sure we'd get here, but here we are.

The college football offseason is excrutiatingly long. It's the longest offseason in major sports. And if you're in a situation like Arkansas, where you basically gave up on the season in September last season, it's been almost a whole year since we played a game we were completely invested in.

You know how, on your birthday, people frequently ask us, "How's it feel to be [however old]?" And really it just feels like any other day except we know it's our birthday so we expect a nice dinner or something? I don't feel like that today. I feel like we accomplished something. We really did make it. We've earned it, somehow.

God bless you, the Internet fans. Not the type of people who wake up in middle of August and think ,"oh, football starts in a couple of weeks. Hope it'll be a good year." No, you're the type who has read the stories on sites like this for the last 9 months, taking in any little bit information on your team or your season you can get. Some of it will prove to be highly intelligent, thoughtful and insightful, while some of it will prove to be utterly ridiculous, and used by you to discredit me in the future. That's ok.

But for now, it's GAME DAY. There are only 12 (hopefully 13) such days this year. They are precious and they are valuable. Make them count. If you're going to the game, stand up, cheer loud, cheer proud. Tailgate well. Hydrate. It's going to be hot. If you're not going to the game, we will have a gamethread going starting before the game this afternoon, and we hope you guys take part in it, as well as interact with us on twitter.

Back in April or May, I originally asked the writers on this site to contribute in a daily countdown until kickoff. I can't believe it's already been 100 days, but it's finally come to its intended stopping point. I definitely want to thank Brent Holloway, Robert Boyd, Zack Veddern, JT Harper, and Graham Reaves for writing profiles of players and other Razorback-related events that I thought were much more fun and interesting than I was expecting. They did an absolutely tremendous job, and I hope this site's readers were able to learn a little bit about the players you'll be cheering for over the next few months.

And now, go embrace GAME DAY. I'm proud of all of you.