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Arkansas Football Countdown: 56 Days - Killing Time, er, Prepping on Pinterest

8 weeks to go until kickoff, is it possible to kill a bunch of time and prep for the season at the same time?

I was on vacation last week and spent a significant amount of time in the car. When not driving and looking for stuff to fill the time, I came across the Pinterest page our friends at Good Bull Hunting just started and thought, well, I've got no other choice but to get in on this hot action.

So, behold, the Arkansas Expats Pinterest boards. We only have two. One for our own site updates, and one for various, fun Arkansas-related things. I chose against taking the time to organize a bunch of different things into a bunch of different board categories, so it's simply "SOOIE".

If you or someone you know enjoys the Pinterest, check us out and spread the word.

If you're not using it but interested, it's much more simple to set up than they'd have you believe. When you log in the first time, they tell you to follow five boards, but there's not a decent search function and you're afraid these will be public representations of you. I spent hours trying to pick out 5 and almost gave up on the whole thing. Turns out, you can just pick any five because I've yet to see how these impact your boards or your profile. I haven't seen them since and don't even remember which five I picked.

Once you pick five things, you can begin searching and following and all that fun stuff.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, there was no #56 on the Arkansas spring roster. It may be filled by an incoming freshman this season.