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BJ Young Signs 3 Year Contract With The Houston Rockets

It appears @bjyoung_money11 is finally about to get some money.

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

Not all of the details have been released, but it is being reported that the Houston Rockets have signed BJ Young to a 3 year deal. The Rockets will likely announce full details soon, but all we know at this point is that there is a "small first-year guarantee."

According to some quick Google searching, the NBA's rookie minimum salary next season is $490,180.

The former Razorback was not selected in last month's draft, but was picked up by the Rockets as a free agent and has been playing well in the NBA's summer league. He averaged 11.8 points and 18.5 minutes per game last week, along with 1.8 assists and 1.5 rebounds. Young really started playing well in the Rockets' last two games against Brooklyn and Oklahoma City, against whom he scored 15 and 20 points.

Young will be one of two former Razorbacks on the Rockets along with Patrick Beverley. James Anderson, a native of El Dorado, is also on the team.

Congrats, BJ.

**UPDATE** The Rockets announced they waived James Anderson in the same press release in which they announced Young's signing.