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Darren McFadden is Funkier Than You Are

The SEC Media Days have begun, and there's lots of news coming out already - Bobby Petrino looking relaxed and cracking jokes about Twitter, Malcom Sheppard discussing how he got shot in the eye with an arrow (!!!) as a kid and, most importantly, the all-consuming hunt for the solitary coach who dared not vote for St. Tim Tebow as QB of the preseason All-SEC team.

But, we at Arkansas Expats like to take the road less traveled, so we're here to bring you details of the week's true top story: Casey Dick's recent wedding. According to the Benfield Photography blog, it was quite the soiree and included appearances by some notable ex-Hogs - Darren McFadden and Marcus Monk among them (Houston Nutt's and Mitch Mustain's invites were probably just lost in the mail).

Jokes aside, we didn't start this site to become a society column, so we'll get to the main point of this post...this awesome photo of the best player in Razorback history getting funky on the dance floor:

D-Mac Gets Funky

We miss you D-Mac!

(Photo courtesy of Benfield Photography...they have others on their site if you're really curious. And thanks to ArkansasSports 360 for the link.)