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The Curse of the Razorback Rookies

The Hogs' all-universe backfield of 2007 hit the NFL this year, and we were sure that Darren McFadden's talent would shine through no matter how crappy his team was, Felix Jones had landed in the perfect situation in Dallas, and even 7th round pick Peyton Hillis would thrive in Denver's rushing attack.

However, things haven't quite worked out as planned, and we're not shy about calling it some sort of curse...surely that's the only explanation. Our staff of unpaid interns is working feverishly to figure out what exactly is causing this curse (let The Denver Post/Andy Crossus know if you have any ideas...the interns haven't slept in days), but here's a quick look at the havoc it's wreaked:

* McFadden: D-Mac has been slowed by lingering painful injuries and a historically incompetent coaching staff/front office organization. His stats for the season equal a typical two game total from last year, so it turns out that he's mortal after all.

* Jones: Felix blew up the NFL from the get-go, scoring about 200 touchdowns in his first few games. Unfortunately then his hamstring and toe ligaments also blew up and his last game for the year was a loss to Arizona on October 12.

* Hillis: Seemed like he was destined to be the feel-good story of this bunch, when he went from a 7th round rookie fullback to the starting running back on a legit NFL team. He was in the process of making the most of the opportunity with a couple of great games when he also went down with a season-ending hamstring injury.

Well, there's always next year. In the meantime, the mysterious curse lives on...if you have any ideas on what's causing it or how to solve it, let us know.