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1994 National Championship

Nolan on Anderson: “He’s Gonna Have To Do Some Extraordinary Things” 

Surpassing the Kareem Reid-Derek Hood-Pat Bradley era Hogs is a good start

Nolan, Corliss, Sidney Celebration Dates Announced

If you want to be part of this year's celebration nights, now you can start planning.

Congratulations, Nolan Richardson - Hall of Famer

The legendary Razorback coach will be officially inducted in Springfield tonight.

Celebrating 1994: National Champions

This is it.

Celebrating 1994: To The Final Four!

Arkansas traveled to traditionally friendly Reunion Arena in Dallas for the Tournament's second weekend, where they also advanced to the Final Four in 1990.

Celebrating 1994: NCAA Tournament Begins

Arkansas had to survive Scotty Thurman's ejection to reach the Sweet 16 over Georgetown.

Celebrating 1994: The SEC Tournament

Yeah, so this didn’t go as planned.

Celebrating 1994: LSU Thriller; Revenge at the Bud

After our fearless heroes reclaimed the #1 ranking after knocking off Kentucky and Florida, let's see how they closed the regular season.

Did I Miss The Greatest Event In World History?

I hate myself for this.

Video of the Final Four Ceremony with Nolan & Bill

Bill, Nolan, Eddie, Corliss... The whole gang was back in town to celebrate the success of a storied program.

Arkansas Retiring Williamson's, Moncrief's Jerseys

The Razorbacks will hold ceremonies next season for two of its greatest players

Nolan Richardson, Eddie Sutton Finalists for HOF

Both former Razorback coaches are finalists to be enshrined in Springfield.

Celebrating 1994: The Kentucky Game

The Razorbacks also beat fellow Final Four team Florida that week, but it's the Kentucky game that gets remembered.

Hoops News: Final 4 Teams Honored, Attendance Up

Also, Bobby Portis wins an award for the third time this year.

Featured Fanshot

Is Arkansas Basketball Going To Retire #42 For Bill Clinton?

Looks like Bill Clinton may have let the cat out of the bag a little early on this one. UA has not yet announced any formal plans for a 20th anniversary celebration, but it seems likely that something is in the works, and that something may include retiring a special #42 jersey for Clinton. It's unknown if that's the only jersey they would retire since there are several others that should be cough34cough. With the regular season winding down, there will likely be an announcment sooner rather than later, if this is actually going to materialize at all. (h/t hogdb)

Celebrating 1994: Nail-Biter In Knoxville

Some mid-season sludge

Celebrating 1994: Avoid Boycott/Set Records

After the thrilling one-point victory over LSU in Fayetteville, the Hogs hit the road for a pair of games, and the results were mixed. Memorable, but mixed.

Celebrating 1994: SEC Season Starts A Bit Wildly

Arkansas opened SEC play on January 5th, 1994, and it didn't take long for games to get pretty interesting.

Celebrating 1994: Clinton Comes To Fayetteville

College basketball wasn't the only thing from Arkansas making the news in the early/mid '90s.

Celebrating 1994: Tested in Tulsa

In which the #1 team ran into a challenge just before Christmas.

Celebrating 1994: The Alex Dillard Game

The Razorbacks finally enter Bud Walton Arena ranked #1 in the nation after Kentucky loses to Indiana, and the Hogs don't disappoint.

Celebrating 1994: Week 1 - The Beatdown

This is the 20th anniversary of the basketball national championship, so we're going to relive the season one week at a time.

Can't Get Enough Basketball Nostalgia

If you're an Arkansas fan, it's almost impossible to avoid Razorback basketball nostalgia in some form or another this time of year. A lot of folks want to name the court for Nolan Richardson, but that's just the beginning of what should happen.

ESPN ranks the Top 74 NCAA tournament Champs

Where did Arkansas rank on the top 74 NCAA tournament champs as picked by ESPN?

It Was Like The Old Bud Again

It was a special Saturday as the Razorbacks beat a now possibly NIT-bound Kentucky team.

Hiring an Interim Coach for Arkansas: A Humble Suggestion

A humble suggestion for a Razorback interim head coach.

It Was Exactly 15 Years Ago Today ...

My Dinner with Nolan

Celebration of A Championship - A Photo Extravaganza

The Formula for Victory

Memories Worth Savoring

From the SI Archives: Bill Clinton Calls the Hogs


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