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Memories Worth Savoring

Yes, there's been a lot of moaning and gnashing of teeth lately about the state of the Razorback basketball program, and we'll be the first to say that it's far from unwarranted (and we've certainly contributed to that ourselves). But, something really awesome is happening this weekend and we should all take a moment to appreciate that.

from SIFor the first time in 15 years, the Greatest Razorback Team of All-Time is getting back together and will finally be publicly honored by the university. We've been advocating this for a long time, and just a few years ago it seemed like it might never come to pass, so the entire Razorback Expats, Inc staff is happy beyond words at this turn of events.

So, let's all set aside the current worries and gripes and bask in the glow of these Razorback legends being reunited. There's plenty of great reading (and listening) out there if you want to really dive in. For example:

* an in-depth podcast over at Whole Hog Sports featuring some Arkansas media veterans recounting their memories and tales from that historic season. Very cool.

* the gang at ArkansasSports 360 is all over it with tons of great stuff. There are too many links for us to include here, but you might want to start with here and here...nice recounts of what's happening and how it all came to pass.

* actually one more from ArkansasSports 360: their take on the most memorable games of the Nolan era. If our slacker interns would ever pick up the pace, we might do our own version of this at some point.

* a multi-part series of championship memories over at the Hog Blog.

And, if you're a fan of the Razorback Expats' uniquely geeky take on Arkansas sports, I'm very excited to report that we've managed to infiltrate the proceedings ourselves and will be giving you a firsthand report next week. Stay tuned for the meantime, kick back and think of long, championship-winning 3-pointers swishing through the net as the shot clock expires.