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Celebration of A Championship - A Photo Extravaganza

As promised, here are some photos from my weekend trip to Fayetteville. The ones of me with various Hogs were taken at the Saturday night dinner in Springdale. The ones of the guys signing autographs were taken Sunday in the concourse of Bud Walton Arena. The lines for autographs were HUGE, and it was hard to move around. I'm just glad no one yelled, "fire!"

Thanks to my dad for taking many of these shots, and thanks to John for setting up the slideshow. Enjoy.

UPDATE #1: Internet Explorer and Camino users may encounter some problems with the slideshow. Our amphetamine-fueled tech staff is feverishly working to fix the problems. Thanks. (This also might be a good time for us to recommend that you download's free, and is the Expats' browser of choice.)

UPDATE #2: We think we've fixed the IE issue. If you have trouble viewing the slideshow, though, please let us know. (And we still recommend downloading Firefox.)