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Arkansas Kinda/Sorta Announces Dates for Sidney Moncrief, Corliss Williamson, Nolan Richardson Celebrations

If you want to be part of this year's celebration nights, now you can start planning.

Jim Rogash

No official announcements have been made sharing the dates for the games in which Arkansas plans to hang banners celebrating Sidney Moncrief, Corliss Williamson, and Nolan Richardson. However, Arkansas did recently announce a few different basketball ticket purchase plans for this season, and among them is a "Banner Pack" that includes tickets to the three games the Hogs plan on raising banners for the three legends.

The Moncrief celebration will be held Saturday, February 7th against Mississippi State.

The Williamson celebration will be held Wednesday, February 18th against Missouri.

The Richardson celebration will be held Tuesday, February 24th against Texas A&M.

(Since Arkansas hasn't sent out an official announcement about these celebrations, things could change, but they are currently selling tickets with these games advertised as the celebration games.)

You can check out the Banner Pack as well as the other basketball ticket options available here.

The 1994 reunion in 2009 and the Final Four Teams reunion last season were both very well received and both attracted among the largest crowds Arkansas has enjoyed in Bud Walton in recent years. The Razorbacks are no doubt hoping for similar experiences this year, even though two will be weeknight games instead of Saturday games.

Also, if you're going to ask why a pack of three upper level tickets costs $89, I have no answers. There's been no word that Arkansas is raising basketball ticket prices this year, but that pack is just under $30 per ticket - obviously higher than the $25 price of the last few years. Season tickets reflect that $25/per price, but single game tickets have not yet gone into effect. Perhaps they're tacking on a Razorback Foundation fee a la the Georgia football game to attend the banner-raisings.