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Dunning announces his portal entry, will there be more movement with other freshmen?

Amidst the transfer portal mayhem, it is easy to lose track of the decisions of younger players on a roster. The current culture of college basketball is driven by the offseason craze of the transfer portal, and few are as good at maneuvering the portal as Eric Musselman.

During his time as the Head Hog, Muss has seen several young players move on from Fayetteville after their first season. This season is different than years prior, as a few freshman Razorbacks are staying on the Hill, and another is searching for a new opportunity.

Barry Dunning has entered the transfer portal. The news of Dunning’s decision broke via Twitter on Friday night.

Dunning, a former top prospect from Alabama, saw limited action during the 2022-23 campaign. However, Musselman praised Dunning’s basketball IQ and devotion to the game during last summer’s team trip to Europe. Dunning came to Fayetteville as a consensus 4-star prospect and the reigning Alabama Gatorade Player of the Year in 2021. His decision creates room for yet another portal commitment for Muss. As the roster continues to take shape, decisions from Makhi Mitchell and Jordan Walsh still loom in the near future.

Meanwhile, just before the announcement of the new Razorbacks via the portal came through last week, two talented Hogs declared to stay in Fayetteville for another season. Derrian Ford and Joseph Pinion will return for their second season as Razorbacks. The pair saw little playing time during the 2022-23 campaign, with Pinion receiving the most action during the extended absence of Nick Smith Jr. During his playing time, Pinion displayed quickness and a reliable shot from beyond the arc. Ford was brought into a few high-pressure situations because of his half-court defensive abilities. Each player has a high ceiling - seeing how they develop as we inch closer to next season should be fun.

To top it all off, Derrian Ford announced his return in the most Arkansas fashion while returning home to Magnolia for Easter weekend.