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Transfer newcomers arrive in Fayetteville

NCAA Basketball: Houston at Temple Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports

After a wild offseason, it feels like the roster moves are slowly coming to a close for Eric Musselman and Arkansas, as all five of the Hogs transfers landed in Fayetteville this weekend. The five guards combined gave Arkansas the third-best portal class in the country, according to 247Sports.

A cryptic report on Friday from an anonymous Twitter insider, “Trilly Donovan” though, had Arkansas fans worrisome. “Hearing that the Muss Bus could lose a passenger or two,” Donovan stated, making fans wonder who it could be. Though all of the transfers moved in, one can assume that they are there to stay.

With Arkansas bringing in five guards, it look to become an extremely crowded backcourt. How Eric Musselman will give enough playing time to all of them is questioned.

The current roster looks very different than in years past, as the Hogs have eight guards currently on the roster, including Devo Davis. I’ve said this before, but Musselman loves to mirror the roster of the team that outed them in the tournament the year prior.

UConn, the eventual national champion, had guards on top of guards, all of whom had experience. Muss bringing in five transfer guards adds depth, which could be the key to yet another run in March. Experience won’t be an issue next year either, as the three seniors and one junior give Arkansas almost everything they needed in ‘22.