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Keith Jackson Leaving Arkansas Radio After 2016

There will be a change in the Razorback football radio broadcast team for the first time in nearly a decade.

Razorbacks Ranked 21st in AP’s All-Time Top 100 Poll

The polling method is somewhat flawed, but still a solid showing for the Hogs thanks mostly to the glory years in the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

Matt Zimmerman To Be New Radio Analyst for Hog Basketball

The seat next to Chuck Barrett has been filled.

Media Pick Arkansas 5th in SEC West

And one person voted the Hogs to win the conference. What do you think?

Arkansas vs Missouri Set For Black Friday Again

Not that you didn't already think it was, but still.

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Arkansas vs Mississippi State Gets Kickoff Set for 6:00 on ESPN


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Arkansas vs LSU Will Kickoff at 6:15 on ESPN

CBS picked Alabama vs Mississippi State for their afternoon game, leaving Arkansas vs LSU for the prime time spot. Night game in Tiger Stadium. Let's do it.

How to Watch Arkansas vs Ole Miss: TV Info, Spread

Plus streaming info, radio, weather, notes and more.

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Arkansas - Ole Miss Kickoff Scheduled for 2:30 on CBS

This is one of CBS' double-header weekends, so the Razorbacks-Rebels will be the lead-in for Alabama-LSU. That also means Verne and Gary won't be doing the broadcast for the game.

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Arkansas vs Auburn Gets 11am Kickoff on SEC Network

This is a shame. Bret vs Gus III should get an afternoon slot at least, regardless of how bad the teams are. Especially when later games are Missouri vs Vanderbilt and Western Kentucky at LSU. Sigh.

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Arkansas vs Alabama Gets Prime Time Kickoff Spot On ESPN

It's a 6:00pm CST kickoff in Tuscaloosa. This will be four night games in a row for the Razorbacks. Unusual. Hopefully the Hogs can take advantage of one of these opportunities.

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Arkansas vs Tennessee Gets Prime Time Kickoff Spot

The Hogs and Vols will kickoff at night in Knoxville in a couple of weeks. It will be either 6:00 or 6:30. The times shown in the tweet are all Eastern times. This isn't a big surprise, but it's starting to become clear that very few major conference games will ever get the morning kickoff slot anymore, which I think we can all agree is a good thing.

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Arkansas vs Texas A&M Gets Prime Time Kickoff Slot

The Hogs and Aggies will kick off at either 6:00 or 6:30 Central on either ESPN, ESPN2, or the SEC Network. All the times in the link are Eastern times.

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Watch The EDSBS College Football Anthem Video


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Billy Ray Cyrus Proves Uncommon at MTV VMAs

Yes, Billy Ray Cyrus is wearing a Razorbacks cap at the MTV VMAs. Anybody know if he's a fan? Add him to the list of celebs that would have been better fits than Ralphie May for that SEC documentary from last year. I'd think he'd better be a fan if he uses the hat to hide his trademark early 90s mullet.

Hogs Ranked 18th in Preseason AP Poll

It's the 26th preseason appearance for the Hogs.

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SEC Nation Broadcasting Live From Arkansas vs UTEP

The SEC Nation crew is heading to Fayetteville for the opening weekend of the season. The show broadcasts from each SEC campus throughout the season. Joe Tessitore will be the host this year along with Marcus Spears, Paul Finebaum, Kaylee Hurting, and Greg McElroy. Fans can show up to the mobile studio similar to College GameDay. The show broadcasted from Fayetteville last year for the Alabama game and set up on the grassy hill just north of the stadium.

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Kirk Herbstreit "Leaning" Toward Picking Arkansas To Win SEC West

Just passing this along...

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Here's Donald Trump Calling The Hogs

Trump's Hog Call is the greatest Hog Call in the history of Hog Calls. It is more incredible than all other Hog Calls combined. Trump's Hog Call will go down in history and your Hog Call is a loser Hog Call. It's so bad it makes me sick. They will record Trump's Hog Call as the instruction for all future Hog Calls. Bret Bielema wishes he had Trump's Hog Call. Mike Anderson's Hog Call is nothing compared to Trump's Hog Call. Jimmy Dykes' Hog Call is isn't half of Trump's Hog Call. Dave Van Horn's Hog Call is garbage. For Hog Calls worth billions, you want Trump's Hog Call.

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Media Pick Arkansas 4th In SEC West

The ridiculously large gathering of media people at SEC Media Days have voted Arkansas 4th in the SEC West with 6 votes to win the West and 3 votes to win the SEC. Alabama was picked to win the West but Auburn received the most votes to win the league championship. These projections are almost definitely terribly wrong.

Arkansas SEC Media Days Tweetcap

The Razorbacks had their turn in Hoover Wednesday afternoon. Here are the highlights.

Hogs Take Over SEC Network June 30: Our Schedule

The Razorbacks take over programming for the SEC Network on June 30th. This is our formal recommendation at a content schedule for the day. Sounds like a pretty solid day of TV to us.

ESPN Making 30 for 30 About John Daly

Legends never die.

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Bret Bielema Will Be NFL Draft Analyst On NFL Network Saturday

From 11am to 1pm, Bielema will be live in Chicago for NFL Draft coverage with the NFL Network. There's a chance he could be on set while a Hog or two is picked, which would be pretty cool. "Bielema will be on a set located in Selection Square, just outside of the Auditorium Theatre at Roosevelt University in Chicago. He will be joined by NFL Network host Melissa Stark and Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald."

Athlon Ranks Fayetteville As 3rd-Worst SEC Town


ESPN Trashes Bielema Over Player Safety Concerns

"Bielema is actively supporting an unhealthy lifestyle that will lead to premature death."

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Arkansas' Turn at SEC Media Days is Wednesday July 15

Bret Bielema and three hand-picked player representatives (he likes to take seniors, so bank on Jonathan Williams and probably Brandon Allen, I have no idea who the defensive rep will be) will break the summer doldrums by speaking at SEC Media Days on day 3, Wednesday July 15. He'll go third following Nick Saban and Mark Stoops. I'd say it's a prime spot to go on Saban day and go in between snoozers Stoops and Gary Pinkel.

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49 Razorback Baseball Games To Be Broadcast and/or Streamed

Texas Bowl TV Ratings Show Big Exposure For Hogs

The Razorbacks demolition of the Longhorns was seen by 5.758 million people on television.

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Kirk Herbstreit Likes Arkansas To Win The Texas Bowl

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Broadcast Team for Texas Bowl Announced

We're getting Dave Pasch, Brian Griese, and Tom Luginbill

Hogs vs Missouri: TV Info, Point Spread, Weather



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