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Media Pick Arkansas 5th in SEC West at SEC Media Days

People have wildly different views of the Hogs this year, and that resulted in a 5th place prediction.

NCAA Football: SEC Media Day Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

One of the traditions at SEC Media Days is for the assembled media to vote on their predicted final SEC standings. They rarely get it right (only five times ever) but that hasn’t stopped them from trying.

This year they voted Arkansas 5th in the SEC West and one good-hearted soul voted the Razorbacks to win the SEC. Plenty of people were trying to figure out who that was on Thursday, but nobody could figure out who it was. I wasn’t there, so it wasn’t me.

Here’s how the media see things this year.

Eastern Division (1st Place votes in parenthesis) (POINTS)

Tennessee (225) 2167

Florida (57) 1891

Georgia (45) 1860

Kentucky 933

Vanderbilt (2) 810

Missouri 807

South Carolina (2) 800

Western Division

Alabama (246) 2220

LSU (76) 1984

Ole Miss (5) 1479

Texas A&M (3) 1130

Arkansas (1) 1047

Auburn 890

Mississippi State 518

SEC Champion

Alabama 223

LSU 59

Tennessee 29

Georgia 7

Florida 5

Ole Miss 4

Texas A&M 1

South Carolina 1

Vanderbilt 1

Arkansas 1

If I’d been there to vote, I probably would have picked LSU and Tennessee to win their divisions (or maybe Florida in the East...maybe. I hate predictions). I’d probably put Mississippi State and Missouri in the last place slots.

I like that two people voted for South Carolina to win the SEC but they still ended up in last place in the East. And even Vanderbilt got a championship vote. That may not have ever happened before.

How do you see things playing out? Is it fair to pick the Razorbacks 5th?