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Arkansas vs Missouri Scheduled For Friday After Thanksgiving Again

The Black Friday special returns!

NCAA Football: Missouri at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

This isn't a surprise at all, and you've probably already penciled this into your annual schedule, but now it's official: the Arkansas vs Missouri game will take place the Friday after Thanksgiving again at 1:30 pm CST.

A lot of people may not even realize the game is originally scheduled for Saturdays every year, but it is. Then around this time each year, they move it to Friday.

Hopefully, the game will be more fun to watch than last year's game even though Arkansas won easily. A number of factors, including bad weather, the Tigers' awful season, and the various other excuses for not coming to a football game in late November in the middle of a holiday weekend combined for a small crowd watching a lopsided game.

Although - we're perfectly happy to continue with the lopsided-in-Arkansas'-favor aspect. The Battle Line Rivalry Presented by Whoever will continue. Some will pretend they care deeply while others adamantly proclaim how much they don't care. It's the circle of life.