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John L Smith

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Jeff Long Admits Hiring John L Smith Was A Mistake

Airing of Grievances 2013 - Razorback Edition

Monday was Festivus, and as per tradition, we begin with the Airing of Grievances

Any Doubt 2012 Was Hogs' Biggest Disaster Ever?

The SEC sites on SB Nation were instructed to do a series to determine the biggest disaster in their program's history. We thought, "aw, that's cute. But really, a series is unnecessary."

Tyler Wilson - NFL Draft Profile

Quarterback, 6' 2 1/8", 215 lbs, Greenwood, Arkansas

POLL: Hog Fans Really Really Hate Michael Dyer

The venom on message boards and social media makes me wonder, who is the most hated person in all of Razorback fandom?

Happy Anniversary, Bobby Petrino!

We know 2012 would have been a lot more fun if Bobby Petrino had been on the sidelines instead of L , but beyond? One year after the worst April Fool's prank in history, we look back at the amazing events of last April and where the Hogs are today.

Bielema Fueling Spring Practice With Bad Memories

Nobody wants to go through 2012 again.

Featured Fanshot

Bahn: Should Anyone Care If Razorback Players Quit On 2012

As recently departed Razorbacks prepare for the NFL Draft, what happened in 2012 is certainly going to come up with NFL scouts. How much should scouts, and fans, hold what happened on the field in 2012 against those players?

Handing Out Some Oscar-Like Awards To The Hogs

Writing a parody awards column during Oscars weekend might seem cheap and easy, but many cheap and easy things are also fun!

The Recruiting Saga of Altee Tenpenny

I've spent the last few months interviewing North Little Rock football player Altee Tenpenny and his inner circle about his recruitment. From becoming a hot commodity as a sophomore through his official visits, this is his story.

Paul Petrino, Haynes, L Say Stupid & Wrong Things

After spending all of the 2012 season praising the players for not giving up despite extraordinarily bad circumstances, these three guys decide now's a great time to throw the players and Jeff Long under the bus.

John L. Smith Hired At Fort Lewis College

Yes, to be head football coach. No, really.

Why Being an Arkansas Fan in 2012 Was That Bad

From Bobby to basketball, there were some bad times for Razorback fans in 2012.

HogTrough Fancast #37 - May The Source Be With You

Each day someone's source confirms a new candidate for the Arkansas Razorbacks head coaching job. Jon Gruden? Chris Petersen? Les Miles?! Here we go.

Petrino Doesn't Give A Flip: 2012 Review

A sadomasochistic look back at the lowlights and lowerlights from Arkansas 2012 football season. Chronicling the fall from Top Ten to 4-8.

No Miracle on Maple

Yesterday's Disappointing End to a Disappointing Season

Jeff Long Announces L Officially Out At Arkansas

Not that you weren't already aware, but just to make sure everyone was on the same page. You can go back to bed now.

LSU 20 Hogs 13: Game that Was & Season That Wasn't

The game was close, too close for us to remember that heart-racing feeling that can happen at the end of football games, but the Razorbacks found a way to put us right back to this season's comfort place.

Featured Fanshot

Y'all Play Nice: The SEC Staple - Thanksgiving Edition

Doc Harper and Russ Mitchell, College Football News' lead SEC columnist, break down the SEC games you need to watch, the SEC questions you want answered, and of course, the SEC Power Rankings.

Save Tyler Wilson!

Whatever ovation Tyler Wilson gets during senior day ceremonies won’t be enough. But it's a shame we haven't seen less of him recently.

Petrino Doesn't Give A Flip: MSU

So, so close to it all being over. Breaking down the Mississippi State Game.

Sausage Links: Bama Meltdown, Cobi, Hoops, More

We got it all covered this week, except for a Razorback football win. We do have some pretty entertaining Alabama fans though.

Paul Petrino Doesn't Give A Flip: USC

Sifting through pans full of negative in search of a few minute specks of positive. Sunday morning opinion and analysis of The Charlie Foxtrot in Columbia.

Carolina 38, Arkansas 20: I Changed The Channel

When this game was scheduled for TV, you may have wondered, "why would CBS want to televise this?" You wondered correctly.

Gary Patterson Reportedly Jeff Long's Number One

Sources report that Patterson is atop the Arkansas head coach Big Board.

The Smile! Train: Enjoying the South Carolina game

Arkansas is hoping for an upset against the Gamecocks, but there are a couple other ways Hogs fans can enjoy Saturday's matchup

Arkansas LB arrested, head coach extremely upset

Razorback senior linebacker suspended after being arrested for driving while intoxicated

L Hopes to Not Be Another Craptastic Interim Coach

Can John L. Smith overcome the normally doomed interim coach title?

Jeff Long Makes Good Move by Hiring John L Smith

John L. Smith Hired as Interim Head Coach


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