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Sausage Links - November 13, 2012

We got it all covered this week, except for a Razorback football win. We do have some pretty entertaining Alabama fans though.

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

Alabama fans were shocked after they lost to Texas A&M Saturday. The loss has nearly crushed any chance of a championship repeat for them. At least Razorback fans were crushed early and knew there was no hope for a championship. Alabama fans went crazy. They were so close but yet so far. If you want to see the epic meltdown occur go on over to, and watch the video. It is amazing. Warning: if you have any children around, you may want to wait till later. There is some pretty harsh language.

Arkansas' Football Coach John L. Smith has had a tough year. He has lost his brother, dealt with bankruptcy and been the head coach for a football team that has tumbled down into obscurity. Most people would just want the year to end and go home and forget anything ever happened. Not Smith though. He is still holding out hope for a return to a return to the Razorbacks next season. The Washington Post has more on the optimistic Smith. I respect Smith's attitude, but if he truly believes he has a chance to return next season he is in for more bad news.

The Hogs kicked off basketball season last Friday night with a win over Sam Houston State. It was not a pretty win and probably left some fans with a level of frustration. The Hogs won by only 5 points. Fan's had high hopes for this season and a less-than-stellar first appearance is not what the doctor ordered. Frustrating? Yes, but a win is a win and without star player B.J. Young any win is a good one. Coty Clarke led the Hogs with 20 points. has more on the Hog's first game.

Arkansas senior wide receiver Cobi Hamilton has been named a semi-finalist for the Biletnikoff award. The award is given out to the top wide receiver in the country every year. This should be no surprise to Hog fans. Hamilton has been crushing it this year. Even with the team sputtering along each game, Hamilton has been a constant threat to all the defenses he has faced. He has broken school records for most single-season catches and yards. Congratulations Cobi, you deserve it. Steve Sullivan, from KATV, has more on Cobi and his stand-out season.

Tyler Bray gets paid to play football games!!!! Can you believe it? They pay him and he still can't win in the SEC. Well maybe he just get's paid in education. That's according to him. Bray is a good QB, but he may want to chose his words a little better next time. Bill Hanstock of SB Nation has more on Bray's not-so-good choice of words.