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Hog Trough Fancast #37 - May the Source Be With You

Each day someone's source confirms a new candidate for the Arkansas Razorbacks head coaching job. Jon Gruden? Chris Petersen? Les Miles?! Here we go.

"Thanks for the pay bump."
"Thanks for the pay bump."
Wesley Hitt

Since the John L Smith experiment is officially over, "sports journalists" and sports radio hosts have to find something to talk about. In the age of social media, everyone can spout sources like they're spaghetti, hoping one sticks.

This week, out of all the crazy rumors, the Les Miles leaving LSU for Fayetteville seemed the most ridiculous. One day after the rumor, Les Miles salary gets increased and 99.9% of Razorback fans let out a huge sign of relief.

What's next? Does Jeff Long really have his guy?

Why do we believe these imaginary things called sources?

Is Chris Petersen on his way?

Should Notre Dame still be considered Notre Lame?

Is BJ Young the basketball team's only hope?

Plus, tweets of the week and even some good ole' Ben Affleck. Yes, it's true. It's the Hog Trough Fancast.

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