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John L. Smith Hired At Fort Lewis College - Yes, To Be Head Football Coach

L is not going gently into the night.

L, doing his best 2012 Razorback fan impersonation
L, doing his best 2012 Razorback fan impersonation

For those of you who haven't gotten enough of the L experience, you will be able to find him on the sidelines of Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado.

According to The Durango Herald, L will be leading the program, which went 0-10 last season as a member of the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference.

It's times like this I'm thankful my alma mater, Clarksville's University of the Ozarks, has not brought back their football program as surely L would have seen it as a viable option.

It should be noted that both of Arkansas' 2012 coordinators, Paul Petrino and Paul Haynes, have landed head coaching jobs at Idaho and Kent State, respectively. Both were candidates to be Arkansas' interim coach in 2012, but the job went to L, who is replacing Cesar Rivas-Sandoval after going 6-25 in the conference that included the Colorado School of Mines, clearly the Alabama of mine school football programs.

It will be interesting to see what lengths Jeff Long goes to in order to erase the memory of L from Razorback history. Take bets on whether or not he'll be included in the 2013 media guide. Under 2012 the head coach may just read "interim".