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NFL Draft Profile: Treylon Burks

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Alabama Gary Cosby Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

Treylon Burks.

Where do you start with this guy? He came to Arkansas considered as the top player in the state of Arkansas and a generational talent. Burks was touted as being a “Darren McFadden” type of impact player who would be remembered for a long time.

He made the Arkansas offense go as the leading receiver for the Hogs the past two seasons.

Burks is known for his abnormally large hands and hardly drops the ball. He can catch the ball whether it be in the slot, can burn your cornerback while being lined up outside and can also line up in the backfield. The Warren, (Ark.) product could do it all and that’s why he should be high on many of teams draft board in the first round.

Teams that have been rumored for his services are Arizona, Dallas and Green Bay. There’s also an outside chance that Kansas City could sneak a trade and move up to draft Burks.

Many scouts and NFL fans were disappointed in his combine performance in March due to his size, hands, speed and vertical being lower than expected. However, when the tape is turned on and Burks is in pads there isn’t a player that plays tougher and faster than him. He has a high football IQ that you can’t record in a combine setting.

Burks size makes him a matchup nightmare as he is tough to bring down in one on one situations, a huge catch radius and catches the ball well in 50-50 situations.

What can he be early on in his professional career? It’s definitely a possession receiver with the ability to break open opposing defenses.

The past two seasons have shown how effective Burks can be with competent quarterback play. Any of the offenses listed above could utilize Burks to the best of his abilities and go to a franchise that is used to winning. He won’t be a forgotten piece in a town like Jacksonville or New York.

NFL comparison: Debo Samuel



CAREER STATS: 146 receptions, 2399 yards, 18 touchdowns